How to Incorporate Body Butter in Your Skincare Routine? 

Versatility is one of the best things about natural body butter. That only means that natural body butter can be used in so many ways. So, if you want to know how you can incorporate this natural and?whipped body butter?into your skincare routine, keep on reading this article to learn about this. 


Improve cracked, rough cuticles 

Natural body butter is the greatest redeemer of painful and neglected cuticles. Just put a bit of butter onto your cuticles and start massaging it in a circular motion. Before they are restored, it could get better in no time. 

Minimize your stretch marks 

Shea butter is known to be packed in vitamin A. Hence, it can help in increasing the elasticity of your skin, especially if you apply it regularly. As a result, the appearance of your stretch marks will be reduced and there will be a lesser possibility of stretch marks forming. 

Use as lip balm alternative 

Natural body butter can also serve as an effective lip balm to soothe dry, calm, and moisturize your cracked and dry lips. In particular, shea butter is a mostly used option as an alternative for a lip balm. 

Treatment for dry knees and elbows 

Your body’s bendy areas can contain an accumulation of dry skin. If that’s your case, make sure to keep a jar of body butter of your liking to let you massage your knees and elbows often. After some time, such tough areas will become smooth and soft skin. 

Moisturizer for your whole body 

With the help of the natural body butter’s creamy consistency, you can rub it into your skin a bit longer compared to your typical moisturizer. However, such additional effort goes a long way and pays off well over time. It’s highly recommended for you to use it right after you get out of the bath or shower while your skin is still damp. Do so if you want to make the most of its perks. 

Use as an extravagant DIY foot treatment 

Neglecting your feet can easily be done for some. Yet they work so hard for you. Hence, make sure to pay attention and take care of your foot from time to time. If you can see that your heels are cracked, itchy, and rough, you can treat them by applying body butter to moisturize them. Before you hit the sack, get somebody butter and massage it into your feet. Focus on your heel area and seal in hydration by popping on some socks. That way, your feet can have that deep conditioning treatment throughout the night. 

Eliminate stubborn eye makeup 

Stretching and pulling the skin to eliminate stubborn makeup can cause the delicate skin all over your eye area to be damaged. Rather, get a cotton pad and pat a bit of body butter on it. Then, swipe it over your closed eye to gently remove and loosen the makeup. 

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